The teeth grinding and chamfering machine for HSS and carbide circular saws

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Now with own grinding machine

Our cutting tools for machining are produced in ­Seengen, Switzerland, and are in use throughout the world – thanks to our 80-year history as a company, among other factors. With this treasure trove of ­experience and expertise in sawing, slotting and ­cutting-off, we thought it was high time to apply this knowledge even more effectively. With the DENTA COMBI 160, ALESA now presents a grinding machine for producing circular saws and is thereby expanding its range of activity.

Overview of the advantages of the DENTA COMBI 160

  • Dual function: teeth cutting and chamfering
  • Very autonomous thanks to high degree of ­automation of up to 24 hours
  • Minimal costs for personnel per machine hour
  • Repeatability thanks to thermal stability and ­vibration dampening
  • All common shapes of teeth possible, including ­vario-toothing and special toothing
  • Suitable for oil and emulsion operation
  • Suitable for machining of HSS as well as solid ­carbide
Processing data  
Circular saw diameter teeth-grinding Ø 40 to Ø 160 mm
Circular saw diameter chamfering Ø 50 to Ø 160 mm
Circular saw thickness Up to 20 mm
Shapes of teeth A, B, Bw, C, Vario (option), special shapes
Tooth pitch Up to 60 mm
Number of teeth 2 to 1,000
Grinding wheel for teeth-cutting Ø 250 mm, HSK 80
Grinding wheel for chamfering Ø 125 mm, HSK 50
Length by width by height 2,560mm by 1,600mm by 2,105mm
Weight Approximately 4,600 kg
Mains connection 400 V/50 Hz
Power consumption ca. 10 kVA
Compressed air 6 bar

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