Grinding Machines for Circular Saws

For Production and Re-Sharpening

ALESA expands range of machines for the production and re-processing of circular saws

The immense wealth of experience of ALESA from its own production and re-processing of circular saws is reflected in the design and application of the newly offered machine tools.

Grinding machine for the production of circular saws: ALESA DENTA COMBI 160

Teeth cutting and chamfering of circular saws made of HSS and solid carbide is done by the DENTA COMBI 160 in one operation and autonomously for up to 24 hours. read more …

Grinding machine for reprocessing of circular saws: ALESA ReDent 400

Teeth re-cutting, resharpening and chamfering of HSS and solid carbide circular saws are done quickly, easily and safely with the ReDent 400 in one step.
read more …


NEW: Grinding machines from the tool manufacturer ALESA

Effective knowledge - from a user for users:

In Seengen, a small village in Switzerland, we at Alesa AG manufacture tools for machining operations. These are used worldwide in professional applications for precise sawing, slitting and cutting of various materials. After use, the customers have the opportunity to have their tools re-processed in our shop and extend the lifetime of their precision tools.

With our wealth of experience and know-how from over 80 years of company history, it is now time for us to use this knowledge even more effectively. With the grinding machines for the production, for the resharpening and for the new teeth cutting of circular saws, we now also offer our production technology on the market.

Tool manufacturers and grinding shops can efficiently produce circular saws on our machines or reprocess used circular saws by resharpening and re-cutting the teeth.

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