Grinding Machines for Circular Saws

For Production and Re-Sharpening

From the user, for the user

ALESA AG "us de Schwiiz" (from Switzerland) has been known since 1934 as a specialist for circular saws for processing metals and steel materials. Based on the great experience of a producer and user, the Swiss toolmaker has now developed powerful and extremely efficient grinding machines for the production and processing of circular saws.

Tool manufacturers and grinding shops can efficiently produce circular saws on our machines or reprocess used circular saws by resharpening and re-cutting the teeth.

Thanks to their design and control flexibility, in ALESA grindering machines hide many other applications, such as grinding and sharpening of cutting rollers, circular knives and ring knives, or internal and external grinding operations on rotationally symmetrical parts.

Versatility in the reprocessing of circular saws: REDENT 400

Teeth re-cutting, resharpening and chamfering of HSS and solid carbide circular saws are done quickly, easily and safely with the REDENT 400 in one step.
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Autonomous production of circular saws: DENTA COMBI 160

Teeth cutting and chamfering of circular saws made of HSS and solid carbide is done by the DENTA COMBI 160 in one operation and autonomously for up to 24 hours. read more …

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