Grinding and Sharpening Machines

Developped with 80+ Years of User's Experience

Clever machine concept for maximum productivity

This uniquely flexible machine concept FLEX COMBI 200 closes in a cost sensitive way the gap between the standardized CNC grinding machines and the customer-specific, expensive special purpose machines.

Thanks to its constructive and control-related flexibility, for example, high-precision components can be simultaneously grinded inside and outside.

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Sharpening machines to resharpen metal cutting circular saws

The re-sharpening, re-cutting and chamfering of different circular saws made of HSS and solid carbide is done quickly, easily and safely with the REDENT 400.

Insert the circular saw - press the start button - the REDENT 400 automatic sharpening machine does the rest - after all, your time is valuable.

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Grinding machines to produce metal cutting circular saws

If high precision and large numbers are the focus, each saved setup or handling of the workpieces is worth cash.

In order to save you money every day, the DENTA COMBI 160 handles the cutting, sharpening and chamfering of metal cutting circular saws made of HSS and solid carbide in one clamping and with up to 24 hours autonomy.

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