Sharpening machines to resharpen metal cutting circular saws

Easy and quick sharpening of the most different circular saws to its perfection


The versatile sharpening machine for resharpening, re-cutting and chamfering of used HSS and solide carbid circular saws

Unique worldwide!

Starting with a diameter of 30 mm, the REDENT 400 from ALESA can handle all grinding operations on HSS and solid carbide circular saws in one clamping.


Your added values:

Time savings and top quality in the reconditioning of circular saws.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Re-cutting and sharpening on the same machine
  • Chamfering of small diameters thanks to additional grinding spindle with a small grinding wheel
  • Accurate repeatability thanks to thermal stability and vibration dampening
  • All common tooth shapes are feasible, including vario-toothing and special toothing
  • Approved for both oil operation and emulsion operation
  • Suitable for machining HSS circular saws as well as for solid carbide circular saws

Technical Data

Process data  
Circular saw diameter for teeth-grinding Ø 20 to Ø 400 mm
Circular saw diameter for chamfering Ø 30 to Ø 400 mm
Circular saw thickness up to 20 mm
Tooth shapes A, B, Bw, BS, C, Vario (option), special shapes
Tooth pitch up to 60 mm
Number of teeth 2 to 1000
Grinding wheel diameter for teeth-cutting Ø 250 mm
Grinding wheel diameter for chamfering Ø 100 mm or smaller
Grinding wheel diameter for chip breaker Ø 30 to Ø 50 mm
Length x width x height 1778 × 1211 × 1489 mm
Weight approx. 2500 kg
Power connection 400 V
Power consumption approx. 8 kVA
Compressed air 6 bar